Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Can I have a homebirth if it's my first baby?

Yes! We LOVE helping first time parents through this huge transition and journey. We also highly recommend that all first time parents especially look into taking a childbirth education class and hiring a doula (this is a great idea no matter where you decide to birth!).

What is the difference between a Midwife and a Doula?

Midwives are medical care providers. Our main job is always to make sure everyone stays safe. We can do things such as monitor your vital signs, interpret baby's heart tones, and make diagnoses and medical decisions. Doulas are trained, support people who understand the birthing process deeply and offer guidance, education, and love during your labor. They are not doing anything medical for you. We absolutely LOVE working with doulas, and think that they are an important part of the birth team!

Can I have a homebirth if I have had a previous C-section?

Yes!! With some caveats... As a licensed midwife in Arizona, we have rules from the department of health services that we are required to follow. Included is that we may only attend a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) that meets the following requirements: 1. Client has only had one previous C-section that was not due to diagnosed cephalopelvic insufficency. 2. Your current baby is due over 18 months since your previous C-section 3. Your incision was low and transverse 4. You have not had any previous complications during a C-section or when attempting a VBAC. 5. Your baby is head down at time of birth, and doesn't have fetal anomolies that have been found by ultrasound.

What pain relief options are available during a home birth?

Hydrotherapy, counterpressure, hypnotherapy, and position changes are some of the most common coping mechanisms our clients use. We do not administer any pain relief medications at home.

Can my family be involved in the birth?

Absolutely! Birth can be a beautiful family event if that is what you would like! Maybe your partner wants to catch, your oldest kid wants to cut the cord, grandma wants to be there watching - it is your space, so you decide who is there - not us!